Start Connecting Now

Try it out and see firsthand the way RECHARGE can open mental and emotional doors, and encourage positive, meaningful dialog and increase empathy and validation.

Deepen Emotional Connection

  • What color best describes your experience during incarceration? Why?
  • What was the emotion you felt most of the time?
  • What are you proudest of about how you handled being incarcerated?
  • Did you share a cell? Tell us about a cellmate you have had.
  • Draw an abstract picture on how you feel about your incarceration.
  • What was one of your emotional challenges while you were incarcerated?

Move Forward Together

  • How would someone who knows you well say you have changed?
  • What is most difficult now that you are back home?
  • What have you learned to appreciate, that you did not appreciate before?
  • How did your thinking change due to being incarcerated?
  • How did the experience of prison help you, or not help you grow as a person? Explain.
  • How can your family/loved ones/friends make you feel like you belong?

Are you ready to take real action towards healing, connecting, and growing together?

Please join us in this revolutionary movement to heal the wounds of incarceration.

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